Our teachers at ABC Express, Inc. are passionate about children and helping them learn and grow! We are a dedicated group of people who understand the importance you place on us to guide your children during the school day.

Highly Trained Teachers: We are proud of our exceptional teachers! Each teacher is passionate about your child’s well being and dedicated to developing your child’s learning potential. Our lead teacher’s have 4 year degrees and experience working with children. Our teachers are put on a professional contract for one year, which helps with our reputation of low teacher turnover.

Low Teacher to Student Ratios: Our low teacher-to-student ratio allows our teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child in our school. Our preschool ratios are 1 teacher to 8 children and our toddlers are 1 teacher to 5 toddlers.

Partnering with Families
Our teachers strive to form strong partnerships with you to ensure the best possible learning experience for your child. We provide daily and weekly communication with families and look forward to their feedback.

 ABC Express Staff for the 2021/2022 school year:

Cathy Burley: Owner and Director for 37 years.

Joanie Keis: Owner and Director for 37 years.

Anne Pickerign: As the assistant Director Anne wears many hats. She has grown up in the school and is the daughter of owner Cathy. She attended ABC Express as a child, helped out in the summer during high school and college years, was a lead teacher in our classrooms for 4 years and now has her own child attending. You can find Anne greeting families, leading tours, planning field trips and fun family events, as well as helping teachers with their curriculum and being our first “go to sub” in the classroom.

Sara (22 years) teaches the HIGH FIVE pre-kindergarten group.  This group explores science, social studies, math and language arts by using hands on projects and technology. Sara brings so much passion, excitement, experience and knowledge to her classroom. Sara also teaches sign language to our pre-k children and preschoolers.

Kayla (11years) has been inspiring our pre-kindergartens for quite a few years.  The children love her creativity, her friendly nature, her organization and her love of teaching that she brings each day to her classroom.

Sally (6 years) is another one of our outstanding Pre-Kindergarten teachers. She is the daughter of owner Joanie and brings so much knowledge to our school. Having taught two years of Kindergarten along with her 4 years at ABC,  Sally runs her classroom with creativity, experience, enthusiasm, energy and genuine love of children.

Tayler (2 years) is our 4th pre-kindergarten teacher. She runs her classroom with such positivity, ease and calmness. Tayler brings experience of teaching Kindergarten to her classroom with creativity, joy and patience.

Molly (15 years) is a respected teacher among  her preschool age children.  Molly’s gentle nature and individual attention to each child is what makes her unique. She also teaches Spanish to the pre-k and preschoolers.

Tracy (2years) came to us after working many years in ECFE program here in Edina. She bring her wonderful organization, structure and knowledge of the age group. The preschoolers are engaged with all her creativity.

Nanette (27 years) has a unique gift with her transition preschoolers.  She fosters their play, imagination and learning through so many fun and creative lesson plans. Nanette teaches with a love of play and brings smiles to the children’s faces.

Marcy (1 year) comes to us with 4 years of preschool teaching experience. She is one of our teachers for our transition pre schoolers. Her knowledge and creativity is something we really look forward to adding to our program this year.

Lisa (12 years) has the wonderful task of teaching our toddlers. With her loving personality, animation for story telling and gentle demeanor those toddlers become so eager to learn with what she has to teach and show them!

Anya (7 years) is Lisa’s team toddler teacher.  She has a soft way about her that the children are just drawn to. You can find Anya with a smile on her face and actively engaging with the children on the floor, with one or more kids on her lap.

Our classroom helpers: 

Julia is a junior at the College of St. Catherines studying nursing. She is an ABC alum and the daughter of Nanette. She brings such a genuine love and positivity to the classrooms. You will find Julia assisting in the nursery with the toddlers and transition preschoolers.

Marybeth is with us everyday and has been a valuable asset. She helps in all the classrooms and brings a loving personality to everyone she meets.

Margret and Sarah help with our Pre-K children. They assist the teachers with projects and help provide one on one enrichment with the children.