About Us

Welcome to ABC Express, Inc. a Christian based preschool!

Established in 1985 by Cathy Burley and Joanie Keis, we are pleased to celebrate the lives and learning styles of your children!

ABC Express, Inc. offers a pre-school experience for children from 16 months until Kindergarten. Our program is dedicated to developing a child’s natural creativity, curiosity and sense of wonder. We also introduce children to our Christian values and the importance of our Faith. Our goal is to foster in each child a strong sense of self-worth, an introduction to the Christian faith and a positive attitude towards school.

PhilosophyABC Express, Inc.  We want to provide both a Christian program where the children receive both an intellectual challenge and a secure emotional atmosphere. Our goal is to allow children to explore their surroundings with their peers. As trained adults, we will provide an atmosphere where a child can grow and establish a positive self concept. Our first philosophical goal is to be Christians and teach the children how to be nice friends, to act like Jesus did and to respect each other.  Order is our second goal as we will establish rules that will be designed to meet the needs of both the children and the teacher. Our third goal is Motivation and we want to provide each child with a learning atmosphere. If a teacher is motivated about what is being introduced, the child will want to learn.  DISCIPLINE is another goal as we want to make sure that the teacher is punishing the act, not the child.  Positive reinforcement and redirection should be used to help decrease any possible problem in the day.  Our fifth goal is  Organization which is needed in the classroom.  Every classroom should be prepared for every minute in a day, with flexibility to adhere to the children’s needs. Lastly, a Good Relationship should be built between the child and teacher, and between the teacher and parent.  A good working relationship with the family brings together the best learning environment for the child.

We are a privately owned Christian based preschool center offering a full preschool program from 9:00-1:00, with extended care on either end.  Our hours are 7:45-5:45 and we have 4 pre-k classes, 3 preschool classes, 2 transition preschool classes and 1 toddler class.