Our teachers at ABC Express, Inc. are passionate about children and helping them learn and grow! We are a dedicated group of people who understand the importance you place on us to guide your children during the school day.

Highly Trained Teachers: We are proud of our exceptional teachers! Each teacher is passionate about your child’s well being and dedicated to developing your child’s learning potential. Our lead teacher’s have 4 year degrees and experience working with children. Our teachers are put on a professional contract for one year, which helps with our reputation of low teacher turnover.

Low Teacher to Student Ratios: Our low teacher-to-student ratio allows our teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child in our school. Our preschool ratios ar 1 teacher to 8 children and our toddlers are 1 teacher to 5 toddlers.

Partnering with Families
Our teachers strive to form strong partnerships with you to ensure the best possible learning experience for your child. We provide daily and weekly communication with families and look forward to their feedback.

Introduction to our teachers for our 2017/2018 school year

Sara (19 years) is the lead of the HIGH FIVE pre-kindergarten group.  This group explores science, social studies, math and language arts by using hands on projects and technology.  Sara also teaches sign language to our pre-k children and preschoolers.

Kayla (9 years) has been inspiring our pre-kindergartens for quite a few years.  The children love her creativity, her friendly nature, her organization and her love of teaching that she brings each day to her classroom.

Sarah (3 years) encourages children to explore all that they know.  She works well with our pre-kindergartens in preparing them for the next adventure.

Sammy (4 years) brings laughter and fun to her pre-k room.  The children in Sammy’s class know that their teacher knows how to making learning fun.

Molly (12 years) is responsible for her preschool age children.  Molly’s gentle nature and individual attention to each child is what makes her unique. She also teaches spanish to the pre-k and preschoolers.

Sally (4 years)  is returning to ABC Express after two years of teaching kindergarten.  We are excited to have her enthusiasm, energy and genuine love of children back at ABC Express. She will be working with the yellow group preschoolers.

Emma (1) is an alumni who just graduated from the University of St. Thomas with an education degree.  She is excited to be back with her alma mater and teach the children of the yellow preschool group.  Emma brings fresh ideas and excitement to ABC.

Nanette (25 years) has a unique gift with her transition preschoolers.  She is fun, loving, firm and positive.

Kim (3 years) has the gift of literature with her transition preschoolers.  She enjoys bringing books into her lessons with her children.

Lisa (10 years) has the wonderful task of teaching our toddlers how to sit, listen and enjoy learning. What a big job that she does very well.

Anya (5 years) is our amazing floater.  She assists the toddlers and the transition preschoolers.  She always has a smile on her face.