Parents Information and Important Dates

Additional information for Parents and Families: Extra Set of Clothing: Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothes at school in their box. Keep up with the current weather and clothing size for your child. Please label all clothing.

Winter Clothing: We do treat your child to outdoor time everyday unless the wind chill or temperature is below zero. Please bring a jacket, snow pants, boots, hats and mittens, labeled with your child’s name. Please feel free to leave snow pants and boots at school.

Marvelous ME!: Sometime throughout the school year, your child will be featured in the “Marvelous ME” week! This is where each child will have their own week to be the special person in the room. When it is your child’s week, please put together a poster with photos and information about your child.

Sharing Bag: A child will be given the sharing bag (much like a Show-N-Tell bag) for a week.  They may fill it with whatever they like (has to fit in the bag and can not be a weapon).  They will have a turn to show and tell about their items in front of their peers, a wonderful boost of self confidence!

Mystery Reader: This is a great opportunity to surprise your child by signing up to be the Mystery Reader of the day.  This program is for the blue and yellow groups only.

Important Dates for 2018/2019


August 27-31-closed

Sept. 3-closed

Sept. 4-first day of school

October 1-grandparent event for blue and yellow only 10:30

October 16-Fall Family Festival 5-6:30

October 18/19-closed

November 21 early release at 1:00

November 22/23-closed

December 18-Christmas Concert 4:30

December 24-31- closed


Jan 1-closed

Jan 8-Registration for current ABC Families

Jan 21-closed

Feb 18-closed

March 15 early release at 1:00

March 18-22-closed

April 19-closed

April 22 –closed

May 27-closed

June 4-Graduation 9:30

June 7-last day of school

June 10-14-closed

July 4/5-closed

Aug 26-30-closed

Sept 2-closed

Oct 17/18-closed

Nov 27 early release at 1:00

Nov 28/29-closed

Dec 23-31-closed