ABC Express, Inc. Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to year #35 for ABC Express!! When we look back on all those years it’s hard not to reminisce about all the families that have come through our doors. There are few things that excite our staff more than when we receive an update on one of our alumni, that they are flourishing not only in school, but in life!!

We have great things planned for this school year. Our Pre-K’s will be busy learning to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. They will be learning sight words, talking about authors and illustrators, finding out about landforms,  continents and so much more!

Our preschoolers are already hard at work memorizing the Pledge of Allegiance, writing their names and learning how families can all be very different. And of course the importance of being a good friend.

Our young transition preschoolers and toddlers have all adapted so well to this new environment. Its amazing to see them all sit at music time and join in the songs. They wait so patiently for their turns at small group time to find their name. Each year it never ceases to amaze us at what an awesome job all our teachers do in helping these children adapt to a new school, a new group, a new room.

God has Blessed us in so many ways. Each day is such a gift with these children, our teachers, and the families. With each passing day-and year-it becomes more obvious to us how fortunate we are that God continues to watch over ABC Express.

Back in 1985 when we opened our doors, little did we know how much these miracles of God, that continue to come to our school each day, would change our lives for the better.

Here’s to a great school year!!

Cathy and Joanie