ABC Express, Inc. Monthly Newsletter

 Wednesday, October 4
Today was our first chapel day.  I am always so amazed at how well the children at ABC Express know and love Jesus.  It is so evident in their day to day activities, the way they care and share and even how they talk.  Their words are kind and nice, their actions are supportive of their friends and they truly enjoy each other.  This year’s blue groupers are wonderful and such good children with big hearts.  I have witnessed many great examples of how they act like Jesus throughout their day.
In chapel we talk a bit about the story for the day.  Our lesson was on The Creation.  I asked the children to think about what the world would be like if there was only darkness, if God never gave us all the beautiful things we have around us.  After the horrific event in Las Vegas, I have heard celebrities, news people, victims, and others talk about how there is so much more “light in this world than darkness, more good than bad” and I wanted to make sure that your children heard this message.  So as much as we talked about creation, we talked more about lightness and goodness (without touching on current events).
Continue to encourage your children to be the lights of the world, the good people doing good things.  When darkness and sadness touches us, we need to turn to all the good that is in the world….and your children are the “good” and the “light” of my day.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine.