ABC Express, Inc. Monthly Newsletter

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
In Minnesota, we are about to hold our annual MEA weekend.  This is when teachers across Minnesota gather for local conferences and share thoughts, struggles and ideas.  It is also known as the LONG FALL WEEKEND:) Minnesota families tend to head up north to cabins, travel to view the color changes of the leaves or maybe they head south to enjoy the beach and sunshine.  Either way, this weekend signifies to all of us that the school year has started, the children and parents are making adjustments and we better enjoy this season as winter will soon be upon us.
Last night, we celebrated our annual Fall Family Festival with a yummy pot luck dinner, a petting zoo, many games and prizes and enjoying the children in their costumes.  Being in the education field for over 35 years, I have come to learn to say to a child “Tell me about your costume…” as I have often been wrong when I try to guess ‘what they are’!  I am a little removed from all the many Disney princesses but I do recognize a train conductor, batman, bat girl, pirates, firefighters, football players, dragons and of course, unicorns!!  The excitement was awesome last night.  It was an evening filled with laughter, giggles, conversations, tattoos, face painting and sure enjoyment.  One of my favorite parts is seeing our alumni return with their younger siblings.
Joanie and I have been so blessed with such amazing families.  Next up on our school calendar is conferences and then it will be the Christmas Concert.  Time goes so fast.  Each school year brings us many new families, incredible growth among the children and excitement each day.
May you enjoy this MEA weekend and enjoy the beauty that God has surrounded us with.